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Boundary Surveys


  The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investments one can make.  A boundary survey will help protect your purchase by identifying the size and location of the property, easements, and encroachments.  Braginsky Surveying specializes in residential and commercial boundary surveys.

Topographic Surveys


Braginsky Surveying specializes in preparing Topographic Survey which is the foundation of any site plan or improvements of property. 

Construction Surveying


Construction stakeout is in integral part of any construction project and will help ensure construction proceeds as planned.  At Braginsky Surveying, we perform all types of construction surveying ranging from residential foundation stakeout to commercial site stakeout.



Subdivisions can help increase the value and potential of a parcel if land and we take pride in evaluating this potential and preparing subdivisions that can benefit the home owner and the community. 

Elevation Certificates


An elevation Certificate can help shed light on the risk of flooding of a home or property and helps assess risk of both home owners and flood insurance companies.  An accurate elevation certificate can help lower the cost of flood insurance for home owners.

Boundary Disputes


Braginsky Surveying can help settle disputes between neighbors regarding common boundary lines.  We take pride in our ability to address concerns or questions home owners may have related to the location of property lines or location of improvements along the title lines.

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